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Freedom Spirit Yoga School is co-founded by Jeff Fisher and Ezgi Fisher. Freedom Spirit Yoga School offers Anusara® Yoga Immersions and Teacher Trainings and is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Alliance at 200hr level. Freedom Spirit Yoga School (RYS®) has been offering yearly 200hr Anusara® Yoga Teacher Trainings in Zurich since 2011.

The Yoga Immersion is designed to introduce a student to the vast disciples of yoga. Yoga is like a path that leads a student through the many lakes of peace, mountains of challenge and winds of change. How does the Immersion help a person navigate life’s pathways with skill, openness of mind and lead them towards happiness? The Immersion sets the basic premise that we are the goal, yoga practices lead us back to the beginning, our essential essence. Why take the Immersion? To learn the practices of yoga and how challenges are the rays of light which open our hearts and minds to the deepest part of ourself.


The Immersion is for anyone who wants to learn about yoga. The Immersion can be taken separately without signing in for the Teacher Training.  Immersion students learn:

  • Yoga postures (asanas) that increase your physical strength and flexibility.
  • How to align your body with Universal Principles of Alignment to relieve pain and increase overall health.
  • Breathing techniques (pranayama) that restore health, increase energy and decrease stress.
  • Meditation techniques that calm the mind and focus the mind while simultaneously learning and understanding the nature of the mind.
  • Learn how yoga philosophy beginning with Patanjali’s Classical yoga to Advaita Vedanta to Trantra help us understand life’s pathways.
  • and you will make friends with like minded students who share similar goals in life.
  • To guarantee the highest quality and level of learning the Immersion is limited to 18 students. 

The Teacher Training uses the information, practices and community from the Immersion, to develop a safe and effect atmosphere for beginning teachers. All 3 parts of the Immersion are a pre-requise for the Teacher Training. In the Teacher Training students are guided step by step through the complexities of teaching yoga. There are 3 levels to the Teacher Training. Students progressively learn:

  • How to use simple movement language to instruct students into and out of asanas.
  • How to teach Anusara Yoga® Universal Principles of Alignment.®
  • Learn the therapeutic application of the Universal Principles of Alignment for injuries.
  • Students deepen their own practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and anatomy.
  • Students develop trust with other students allowing for less fear and anxiety combined with loving support so all students are able to bring out their own natural gifts.
  • Students teach everyday segments of a full class, constructing a class and by the end of the training students are fully confident teachers.


2014 200hr Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Jeff & Ezgi Fisher
Zurich Switzerland, 2014

Immersion with Jeff & Ezgi Fisher
200hr Part 1: Immersion 1: May 9-12, 2014
200hr Part 2: Immersion 2: June 13-16, 2014
200hr Part 3: Immersion 3: July 11-14, 2014

Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher
200hr Part 4: TT1: Sep 12-15, 2014
200hr Part 5: TT2: Oct 24-27, 2014
200hr Part 6: TT3: Nov 21-24, 2014

NEW 2015 Dates

2015 200hr Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher
Zurich Switzerland, 2015

Immersion with Ezgi Fisher
200hr Part 1: Immersion 1: May 22-25, 2015
200hr Part 2: Immersion 2: June 26-29, 2015
200hr Part 3: Immersion 3: July 10-13, 2015
(+Optional – Meditation Weekend with Andrea Boni, May 30-31, 2015)

Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher
200hr Part 4: TT1: Sep 11-14, 2015
200hr Part 5: TT2: Oct 23-26, 2015
200hr Part 6: TT3: Nov 20-23, 2015

REGISTRATION for Complete 200hr Training Early Bird paid by 31.03.2015 chf. 3700
Immersion only chf. 1895 prepaid by 15.04.15, or chf. 675 per part.
Teacher Training chf. 2100 prepaid by 01.08.15, or chf. 725 per part.

Immersion Hours are:
Friday 14:00-21:00, Saturday 9:00-21:00,
Sunday 9:00-16:30, Monday 9:00-17:00 with breaks.
Meditation Weekend hours are:
Saturday & Sunday 9:00-12:00 & 13:30-16:30

Location: Feilengasse 5 8008 Zurich Switzerland

Please check Freedom Spirit Yoga School website for further details and up-to-date information.

Please email for questions, registration and application.

Application for the Immersion and/or the Teacher Training

Student experiences of the Immersion & Teacher Training: 

(Please visit  for up-to-date reviews including new reviews from last teacher training)

I highly recommend the Immersion and the Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher. I learned a lot about Anusara Yoga, about the wonderful Tantric philosophy and very useful & helpful things about yoga anatomy. Ezgi teaches yoga with a lot of passion, with love and out of the heart. Although the 4-day segments were intense, full of information, powerful yoga, constant learning, and studying, it felt at the same time like taking a break from daily life, very relaxing and refueling.
Andrea Keller – Switzerland

I can honestly say, signing up for the 2014 Teacher’s training with Ezgi and Jeff was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I went into the training, expecting to learn how to be a good yoga teacher – I left the training with so much more than I could have dreamed of.
Anyone taking Yoga TT with Ezgi can expect to be taught the tools to be a take their practice to another level, become an excellent yoga teacher, grow as a person and meet some amazing and inspirational people in the process. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by taking this training – you will be so happy you did!
Stan Konopka – Neuchatel, Switzerland and New Jersey, US

As I didn’t know how to express my gratitude to Ezgi for this beautiful experience I have just happened to live, I decided to write those lines and share my experience.
When I decided to follow the Immersion and Teacher training program at Freedom Spirit Yoga School with Ezgi and Jeff Fisher, I was coming back from an Immersion in Thailand. Living on the French border outside Geneva, there was no Anusara TT program close to home, so I knew I would have to travel again but was unsure about which school to go to. The compassion and sensitivity of Jeff and Ezgi’s words during my first email interactions made the choice obvious as I felt comfortable enough to share information about my life and my project: teaching yoga to menopaused women to help them embrace this new chapter in their life.
During the first week-end, Jeff said ‘’I promise that each of you will feel completely comfortable teaching by the end of this course’’. I was apprehensive about teaching in front of the whole class but the way we learned to integrate the elements step by step, piece by piece, and with the reassuring support of the group; I did it and it was fun!  Ezgi made it a reality by guiding us, encouraging us and sharing with us her knowledge from body mechanics to tantric philosophy to the technics and subtleties of teaching. Between the week-end sessions and the reading material, my personal yoga practice changed and I have discovered new ways of engaging my muscles and how to better protect my neck by finding the right dosage of contraction and expansion.
The Immersion and Teacher Training programs have more than exceeded my expectations. It has given me the tools and strength to implement my project as two months before the end of the training I started teaching. Along the way I have come to understand what opening to Grace meant: so finally at 42 years old, I have opened up, learned a lot about myself and now grasp the meaning of feeling whole and connected.
My intention is to try to inspire my students as much as Ezgi and Jeff have inspired me. Their support, love and goodness have helped me find the way to feel more integrated,  they have given me the most beautiful gift that a teacher can give.
Om shanti.
Cecile Gayet – France/Switzerland

After four years as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I decided to take the Anusara teacher training. I’m very happy about this decision, as I feel I’ve given a big step forward in my teachings as well as in my own practice. Ezgi is a great teacher who teaches from her heart, very personal and authentic with each of us. She makes you comprehend the most difficult things in a simple and progressive way. I’ve learned a lot from her about how to teach keeping things easy for the students. Thank you Ezgi for this wonderful year!
in Spanish:
Después de cuatro años como profesora de Vinyasa Yoga, decidí hacer la formación de Anusara. Ha sido una muy buena decisión, ya que siento que he dado un gran paso adelante tanto en la enseñanza como en mi autopráctica. Ezgi es una gran profesora que enseña desde el corazón, es muy personal y auténtica en el trato con sus alumnos. Consigue transmitirte los temas más difíciles de una manera simple y progresiva. He aprendido mucho de ella en cuanto a como enseñar a los alumnos de una manera sencilla. Gracias Ezgi por este maravilloso año!
Claudia Fernandez – Stuttgart, Germany and Barcelona, Spain

I got to know Jeff and Ezgi Fisher at an Acroyoga workshop and felt immediately warmly welcomed to the community and was so impressed by their love and passion for yoga and life, that I signed up for the teacher training shortly afterwards. Starting the teacher training, I thought I’d do it for myself, to deepen my practice. But through Jeff and Ezgi’s sweet, compassionate, bright, light-hearted, sensitive, wise, supportive and beautiful way of teaching, I could gain confidence in teaching. I will never forget Jeff saying “I know, by the end of this teacher training, you will all be able to teach, you will all be great teachers.” As unbelievable that sounded to me at that time, it is so true! I am so glad that I did the teacher training with them and feel blessed to have such amazing teachers and met so many inspirational new friends! I can highly recommend the upcoming teacher training with sweet Ezgi, her energy is truly contagious and because of her broad knowledge you will learn more than you can ever think of! Thank you Ezgi and Jeff for that amazing experience.
Lena Schneider – Zurich, Switzerland

Jeff and Ezgi are knowledgeable, humble, and very loving teachers and human beings. I learned about yoga history, philosophy and so many other aspects of this beautiful, sacred practice and way of life. It helped me reconnect with myself as well as the pulsations of life that were lost to me for so long. The asana practices were always challenging and invigorating. Anusara yoga teaches us to become aware of every part of our body and mind.
This mindful training was and still is a life-changing experience for me. It deepened my understanding of how to live in the moment and hence living a more meaningful life. It helped me to reflect on who I am.
Jeff and Ezgi’s spirit, kindness and contagious humor turned this training into a wonderful retreat.
I recommend the upcoming teacher training with Ezgi to everyone!
I feel so fortunate to having met my wonderful teachers who will always be part of my life and ongoing yoga practice and learning.
Apollonia Drumgole – Switzerland, Washington DC and Germany

Before meeting Jeff and Ezgi, I was not familiar with the Anusara yoga method. My aim was to broaden my knowledge about yoga in general and to bring new elements in my own practice. In other words, I was looking for a new inspiration. What Jeff and Ezgi gave to me was much more – they helped me to discover my own inner teacher. They were also able to convince me that Anusara yoga has its own unique way. Clearance, depth and precision of the instructions make it somewhat easier for beginner teachers like me to explain the asanas. I am very thankful to Jeff and Ezgi for the special loving atmosphere they created during the immersions and the TT training. I would recommend the Anusara yoga immersions for everyone who wants to gain more self-knowledge and/or is interested in Indian philosophy, but also for those who are tired of a daily routine and wants to have a change for relaxing the mind and some physical challenge.
Yulia Sosedova – Russia/Switzerland

Doing the Immersion and Teacher Training with Jeff and Ezgi was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It went beyond my expectations. The program is complete and very well structured, but for me the deepest dimension of this training comes from the fact that Jeff and Ezgi invite their students to a deep self-inquiry. They create a safe, supportive and loving space for their students to grow. It was so much fun. The format affords a truly transformational experience that will equip you with a tool kit to not only be an awesome yoga teacher, but also a better human being. Their expertise, energy, and presence are a daily source of inspiration. Studying with them has been a profoundly powerful experience and my gratitude is immeasurable. I loved this block of 4 days, forgetting everything else during these days. I not only have so much new knowledge about yoga but also friends (Kula) for life. Thank you so much.
Caroline Szeg, Zurich, Switzerland

Out of curiousity I took a weekly class with Jeff Fisher after hearing about Anusara Yoga. I knew instantly that I wanted to know and learn much more about Anusara from Jeff and signed up for the Immersions and Teacher Training soon after. Everything I know about yoga I learned from Jeff. I enjoyed very much getting a deeper understanding of the body with Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment and learning how to do the asanas correctly. I was also introduced to pranayama, meditation and philosophy of yoga. I learned so much and I know there is still so much more to learn and explore but he made it all approachable to me and I am very grateful for that. Jeff teaches the whole spectrum of yoga. His profound knowledge is very inspiring and with his vast experience he knows how to empower his students.The Immersions and the Teacher Training were a great experience for me and I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in Yoga. It is challenging, intense and lots of fun at the same time.
Natalie Diel, Zurich, Switzerland

Yoga-lärarkursen i Anusara med Jeff var jättebra! Jag uppskattade speciellt att vi själva fick möjlighet att undervisa varandra så mycket under utbildningen, Jeff vilket uppmuntrade oss på ett bra sätt att praktisera det vi lärde oss under kursens gång. Den delaktigheten gjorde, tillsammans med Jeffs pedagogiska talang and varma sätt, utbildningen till en oförglömlig upplevelse som jag kan dra nytta av hela livet. Tack Jeff!
The Anusara teacher training with Jeff was great! I especially appreciated that we got to teach each other so much during the training, Jeff really encouraged us, in a good way, to practice everything we learned during the course of the training. This interactiveness along with Jeff’s training skills and warm ways made the training an unforgettable experience that I can benefit from my whole life. Thank you Jeff!
Jenny Westring, Sweden/Zurich

Podczas kursu dla nauczycieli jogi z Jeffem poznasz lepiej swoje ciało i duszę.  Praktyka asan zabierze Cię, a raczej twoje ciało, na nieznane terytorium – poczujesz  mięśnie, których wcześniej nie czułe(a)ś, będziesz w stanie zrobić ze swoim ciałem rzeczy, których nie byłe(a)ś w stanie zrobić wcześniej.
Nauka filozofii jogi, a szczególnie filozofii tantry, otworzy nowe perspektywy na życie, nie tylko na jogę. Jeff jest nie tylko wspanialym nauczycielem jogi, ale tez wspaniałym mentorem dla tych, którzy chcą uczyć jogi. Podczas kursu nabierzesz pewnosci siebie i po 6 weekendach, jeżeli takie będzie Twoje pragnienie,  będziesz potrafił(a) uczyć jogi.
Gorąco polecam!
Ania Brach, Poland/Switzerland

Gerade als Physiotherapeutin hat mich die Immersion und das Teachertraining in zweierlei Hinsicht bereichert.Zum einen habe ich gerade durch das vertiefte Üben in den Immersion meine eigen Yogapraxis intensiviert, so dass ich nun durch regelmässiges Üben zu Hause einen wunderbaren Ausgleich sowohl zu körperlichen Arbeit als Therapeutin gefunden habe, als auch auf mentaler und energetischen Ebene. Die Inhalte aus dem Teachertraining haben zum anderen meine Arbeit mit den Patienten bereichert und bieten mir neben der Einzelarbeit am Patienten ein weiteres Standbein für Yogaklassen. Die Prinzipien des Alingnments im Anusara ermöglichen jedem einzelnen sich in seiner Asana Praxis weiter zu entwickeln, ohne Verletzungsgefahr auf sanfte Art und Weise. Durch Jeffs warmherzige und integrative Art zu Unterrichten ist unsere Gruppe über die Ausbildungszeit stark zusammen gewachsen,  auch heute nach dem Teacher Training treffen wir uns noch regelmässig.
Caroline Moll, Munich/Switzerland

Il corso di Jeff mi ha dato tantissimo a diversi livelli. Mi è piaciuto soprattutto l’aspetto pratico del suo insegnamento e il poter sperimentare direttamente con i compagni, la ricchezza delle lezioni sempre stimolanti e l’atmosfera positiva e incoraggiante che si è creata nel gruppo. Personalmente ho potuto contattare dentro di me un rinnovato entusiasmo, voglia di imparare e sperimentare sempre di più, e nuove risorse per me importanti. La quantità di informazioni e pratica è veramente intensa e ricca.  Jeff trasmette e da moltissimo ai suoi studenti, onorando il potenziale di ognuno. Sono contenta di aver potuto partecipare a questo corso. Grazie di Cuore.
Gerbi Sancini, Ticino, Switzerland
Yoga mit Jeff rockt! Sein unglaubliches Wissen und die Lebensfreude die er ausstrahlt, machen das Studieren mit Jeff einzigartig. Seine exakten und detaillierten Anleitungen erlauben einem Studenten Yoga neu zu entdecken. Ich war dabei Yoga aufzugeben als Jeff mir zeigte wie ich es schaffe die Romanze mit mir selbst zu erleben. Durch die Immersions und das TT mit Jeff hat meine Yogapraxis und mein Leben eine neue Dimension erhalten– Trust the flow and let it go. Celebrate and enjoy life – may all beings be happy wild and free. Thank you so much Jeff for this wonderful and inspiring journey.
Suzanne Hussmann, Basel, Switzerland 

Taking the Immersion and the Teacher Training has been such a beautiful experience. The seed of curiosity that was planted in me when I started practicing Anusara yoga have grown rapidly during the Immersion and TT and the remarkable thing is, it never ends, it is always so much more, to learn, to understand and to be a part of. This experience made me start to listen differently, to my teachers, but also to people around me, in my life. I truly believe that deepening my understanding has made me a better person.I feel blessed having had the chance to share this journey with some great people. So thank you Jeff, for being such a fantastic and giving teacher, honoring each and every students own potential.
Stefanie Schaufelberger, Switzerland

200 Timers Yoga Uddannelsen med Jeff Fisher på Freedom Spirit School i Zürich var en imødekommende og venlig, sikker, sjovt, udfordrende og meget spændende oplevelse. Jeg elskede hvert øjeblik af uddannelsen og kan anbefale det til alle, der tænker på at undervise yoga. Kærlig hilsen
Ulrik Notlev, København, Danmark 

Tusen tack till min lärare Jeff, som har tagit mig på en fantastisk resa och hjälpt mig öppna många nya dörrar. Det har varit en underbar och lärorik tid på så många plan och jag har så mycket att ta med mig. Tack tack tack!
Martina Lindgren, Sweden/Switzerland

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect Jeff’s teacher training to impact my life in the way it did. I figured I was signing up to learn more about the Anusara method and how to teach yoga but it turned out to be a much deeper, more fulfilling experience. My whole daily life experiences are forever changed and my yoga practice has gone beyond anything I ever imagined. Jeff is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher, an amazing yogi and an all-around fun, light-hearted person. He even took the time to provide me personal advice and attention as I embarked upon the Teacher Training portion of his program in pregnancy.
Mollie Bridgeman, America/Switzerland

Enrolling in the immersions I had no idea what a journey I was about to take. I keep on having ideas or questions relating to a theme or an asana, person or a picture from this time. It was not before finishing the Teacher Training though, that I actually got a slight understanding of the bigger picture drawn to me in the immersions.The practice is great, challenging and inspiring. Getting deep in the Universal principle of alignment and the tantric philosophy is something I find myself using on a daily base. Not only on my yoga-mat! I am deeply grateful for all the doors, windows and tiny gaps Jeff Fisher generously has opened through these teachings, and I look very much forward to gain more experience and knowledge.Oh, and then I just met so many fantastic people and friends, and these wonderful yogis taught me so much about myself. Thank you.
Christina Breuning, Denmark/Switzerland

Gerne empfehle ich die Anusara Immersions und das Teacher Training mit Jeff Fisher in Zürich allen von Herzen. Ich habe alle Trainings mit Jeff herausfordernd und gleichzeitig   entspannt empfunden. Die Immersions sind eine gute Einführung ins Anusara Yoga sowie auch ins Yoga allgemein. Das Teacher Training gibt einen noch tieferen Einblick ins System des Anusara Yoga, besonders auch in dessen Konzept des Unterrichtens. Jeff geht gut auf seine Schüler ein und versteht es ausgezeichnet, anatomisch richtig Yoga zu unterrichten.
Hans Jörg Guglielmetti- Zurich, Switzerland

For a long time I have been looking for a yoga course, which would combine pranayama, asanas and meditation, which would speak to my creative and intellectual pursuits, until I learned about Anusara Yoga style.  Having completed the full 200 hour course with Jeff, I can only recommend it to everyone, who is looking for more than just a physical exercise, who is looking for a different way to get in touch with their bodies and spiritual side.  Thanks to Jeff’s professionalism, enthusiasm, attention, sense of humour and systematic approach, you will be able to convince yourself of the power of this unique method.
Я долго искал курс йоги, который бы совмещал пранаяму, асанас и медитацию, который бы отвечал моим творческим и интеллектуальным поискам и устремлениям, пока я не узнал о стиле Анусара. Взяв полный курс в объеме 200 часов с Джефом, я рекомендую его всем тем, кто ищет больше чем просто физические упражнения и кто стремится найти душевный и физический баланс. Профессионализм, энтузиазм, внимание, чувство юмора и системный подход, присущие Джефу, позволят Вам по настоящему оценить силу этого уникального метода.
Andrey Petrichtche- Russia/Switzerland