Who is yogijeff?

Los Angeles, California was a perfect environment for my birth both
physically and into yoga. LA offered me the chance to learn yoga from many learned teachers. I met my spiritual teacher, Gurumayi Chidvilasanda, on May 19th, 1989 in LA and from that moment I started studying “yoga”. For the last 25 years my primary yoga practice has been meditation, study/contemplation and asana based upon connecting to the inner heart and mind. Other primary teachers in my life have been Dr. Douglas Brooks, Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton and Bill Mahony.

My dedicated, asana practice began in 1998 with Ashtanga vinyasa yoga at Yoga Works, Santa Monica. I took my first Teacher Training at YogaWorks with Maty Erzaty (Astanga yoga) and Lisa Walford (Iyengar yoga), I learned tremendously from them both in asana and attitude. Throughout the 90’s, during my visits to Gurumayi’s Ashram in New York and India, I was introduced to John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga. I liked his style and technique. I continued to study yoga with Ross Rayburn, Sue Elkind, Naime Jezny, Noah Maze and Desiree Rumbaugh. In 2003, I was hired to open Airyoga in Zurich, Switzerland. Promoted as an “LA Style” yoga studio with vinyasa and other yoga styles, I knew this was an opportunity to serve a community that needed a new style of yoga, so I stepped into the opportunity and challenge.

Moving to a new culture and bringing a new style of yoga to Zurich and Europe has been rewarding both personally and professionally. I got Certified as an Anusara® Yoga Instructor, became a 500hr ERYT with YogaAlliance® and have built a strong dedicated network of teacher and students in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other European Countries. Presently, I teach 200hr. YogaAlliance® certified Teacher Trainings (see below for Freedom Spirit Yoga School), I love sharing my passion and knowledge to help people become teachers. I also teach weekly classes, teach workshops in many European cities, hold exotic retreats as well as host many Internationally known yoga teachers here in Zurich. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive updates.
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Where did the name yogijeff come from? One of my dear spiritual bothers gave me this nick name. I use it as a reminder that I am a lover of yoga and a man who comes from a middle class blue-collar family from Culver City, California. I am both yogi and human trying my best to serve and expose the highest in everyone I teach.

About Anusara Yoga

Founded by John Friend in 1997, Anusara yoga is a school of hatha yoga, which unifies a life-affirming Shiva-Shakti Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with Universal Principles of Alignment. Anusara yoga has become one of the most highly respected schools of hatha yoga with over 1,000 licensed yoga teachers, thousands of teachers in
training, and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. Anusara yoga has a presence on every continent throughout the world, excluding Antarctica, and is in 70 countries, thus attracting media attention worldwide.

Freedom Spirit Yoga School (RYS®)

Jeff Fisher is the co-founder of Freedom Spirit Yoga School with his wife Ezgi FisherFreedom Spirit Yoga School offers Anusara® Yoga Immersions and Teacher Trainings, and is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Alliance at 200hr level.

As part of Freedom Spirit Yoga & Wellness, Jeff Fisher and Ezgi Fisher teach Anusara® Yoga & AcroYoga® workshops in many European cities and hold amazing retreats around the world. They are currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. Please check Freedom Spirit Yoga School & Wellness website here, www.freedomspirityoga.com.